Le 2 Review !

Lately, I received this Le 2 and it amazed me to see that such a smart phone can be bought at such    a feasible price. It had features of the best smartphone available and priced at quite a low range. Moreover even the looks are drool worthy.

le eco 2 review

When it comes to the review, pros and con’s are a must.


1. Priced at INR 11,999, it is affordable in terms of the features offered.

2. Le eco 2 gives us 16MP camera quality that is quite good enough especially when you are taking a product or a landscape photo. Front Camera that is 8 MP, gives us the selfies that you always dreamt of, moreover with it’s beauty option, you can easily turn your picture into a HD version.

3. You can find an inbuilt app called Levidi, it is a platform where you can browse videos and movies for free, though the options are quite limited.

4. Other than Levidi, there is a Live TV named Yupp installed in your smartphone in which you can browse few of the Indian television series.

5. The navigation button is under the screen and is hidden until and unless you tap on it.

6. The speaker quality is fabulous, plus it doesn’t get hot too soon like dew other smart phones.

7. It has a dual sim, also the whole body is made of metal giving it a raw look.

8. Last but not the least, it gets charge real quick and like Iphone you don’t have to worry about in which way do you have to slide in your charger.

leeco le 2 price in india

le eco 2 price


1. Le Eco 2 comes with an extremely heavy and big charger in comparison to other smartphones.
2. A separate slot for headphones is not there. So you cannot charge and listen to music via headphones at the same time. Moreover the plug of headphones is as such that it can only be used in Le 2 and not in any other company’s phone.
3. Even there is no aux wire port, though a separate small wire is provided to connect your aux wires too.
4. If you are a snapchat person, I don’t know the reason but this phones gives you the worst snapchat videos though the video quality in general is not bad.
5. When it comes to the photo quality, close ups for products are good enough but still there is a stress among other pictures.
6. Lastly but not the least, Again No FM.

le eco 2
le eco 2 registration

Pictures clicked from Le 2 without any filters.

LE eco 2 pictures
LE eco 2 pictures
LE eco 2 pictures

We hope this Le 2 review is helpful and will guide you right on your purchase. If any query, do mail us. J

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