Lazying ft. Sammydress

Days come when you don’t feel like doing much all you need is a cup of coffee and your loose pants with an oversize sweater to laze around. This feeling just amplifies in winter and when you have a fireplace next to you, the feeling is on the top of the world. That moment if someone just calls you for work, you either end up hating them or ignoring them but if it’s that guy you have your eyes on, you might just love him even more for calling you at the right moment.

This cut out v neck chunky choker sweater from Sammydress is all what you need to laze and move around at the same time in style. It’s soft, quality is great and I somehow love the choker style of this sweater. Something that can look casual and formal at the same time depending upon how you style it.

I believe Fashion is not something that can be copied, it is just a virtual version of what you really are and if you feel that your comfort clothes can also be turned into your work clothes then it definitely can, you just have to try it out. But if you have strict dress code then OOPS, you may just want to tear everything down, as you have to find your comfort in the rulebook! But well, isn’t it just good to be your own boss? Yes, it keeps you occupied all day long and even when you are sleeping you have thousand ideas going in but when it comes on the fashion level, you know that you are an ace in your own style. No one can question you and if they do, you can crack them up with your own sense of humour. After all fashion is about what you feel comfortable in, though sometimes it comes with disastrous shoe bites but we women can compromise that at least ;).

Sammydress have variety of colours available for this chunky piece, so have a look before everything sells out. Moreover it comes in one single size and as its pretty loose, you will end up loving it and jus don’t have to worry about that baby fat hanging from everywhere :P.

sammydress 4
sammydress 4
sammydress 6
sammydress 6
sammydress 9
sammydress 6

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