Lancôme Dream Tone Review

There are a lot beauty correctors available in the market today. But to find a perfect one that suits your skin tone is quite a difficult job. Dream Tone itself reflects that this product is meant to correct most of the skin ailments to give you your dream tone. From pigmentation, to redness and dark spots it is said to be effective on most of these skin problems. Recently I received this product and I was quite reluctant towards using it, probably because I have never used such correctors before though I did not even feel the need to but this product has surely changed my thinking and perhaps I will be regularly using one.

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If you may have read my previous posts, you would be aware that my skin texture is on a drier side, so yes this product is advisable for certain textures. It is not mandatory but as the base of the serum is quite heavy with a tint it may prove to be a very heavy oily base for an already oily and combination skin.
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The 40ml bottle with a pump dispense amounts to anywhere between ₹ 6500/ – ₹ 7000/- . From the fancy silver packaging to the hot pink bottle this product is advisable to use twice a day before moisturising but well I have been using it once a day for two weeks without a moisturise and I have seen the results. I don’t personally like to apply much layers on my face so applying this serum before going to bed worked for me very well.

lancome tone


My take on Lancome Dream Tone: I don’t have any visible dark spots or pigmentation but after applying this serum, the noticeable difference is the evenness in the skin tone. I have been walking out from past three days without a need of a BB Cream. The effect is quite slow and you need to be patient to see the results and probably yes it may not be very effective on the acute dark spots.

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