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When you travel, you carry an essence of yourself everywhere you go. Everything you touch and see becomes a part of your memory and everything you feel becomes a part you. An extra care, a lovely touch and a divine fragrance are few things we all love. In my recent travel series to Goa, I wanted to carry few of the skin care products that can be quite useful and handy. Though I must say, I indulged into some luxury and took Sandalwood and Mint bath salt from Kama Ayurveda along even though I shall not say it’s handy but it is every bit luxurious.

To start with Kama Ayurveda‘s Sandalwood and Mint bath salt, first thing is the minty fragrance that catches your attention. Second thing you notice are the granules that are quite rocky though enriched with essential oils. This bath salt is made from the essential oils of Sandalwood and Mint, combined with natural salts collected from the Indian Ocean. Sandalwood being the natural astringent is known to reduce stress and relive dry skin and on the other hand Mint soothes tired muscles and refreshed your mind.

So why would I not have carried it in my bag? After a day full of work, we all are in the look of something that relieves our senses and a dip in the bath tub filled with essential oils surely gives a divine feeling.
I loved the fragrance of the bath salts and moreover as I have a dry skin, the essential oils worked wonders and the after effect was a nourished and a healthy looking skin. <3

Also, if you don’t have bath tub at home like me , you can use it to dip your feet in bucket of warm water and even that rejuvenates you and pumps you too perform better. Also, I guess it can be used to exfoliate, I haven’t tried that yet though but will surely catch up on that and let you know. 🙂

kama ayurveda bath salts 2_Fotor
kama ayurveda bath salts

kama ayurveda bath salts
Second addition to my travel kit was Kama Ayurveda’s Pure Mogra Water Face Mist. When you are at the beach that too when the sun is shining bright right over your head, you need a regular hydration. Not only internally but even externally or you would be left with sun burns and dry patches. So I made sure to carry this facial mist along with me, firstly because of the fragrance as Jasmine flower is my favourite and the fragrance just leaves me spellbound.

This face mist is born from the steam distilled from handpicked Indian Mogra, which is an ancient recipe for skin hydration as it balances dry, mature and sensitive skin. The best thing is that it also works as a pH balance toner, reducing the fine lines and pigmentation.

I loved how hydrated my face feel after just one spray of this Face mist. Though you cannot replace it with your moisturisers but sometime you just need something fresh on your face to awaken your senses and this works pretty well in that case. Store it in a cool place to have the best effects.
PS: It’s not make up friendly, so in that case carry your compact along. 😉

pure mogra water kama ayurveda

pure mogra water kama ayurveda

Third and the last addition was Kama Ayurveda’s Nimrah Anti Acne Face Pack. In the first look, you will feel what exactly is this red mud kind of thing? As even the smell is not quite friendly probably because of the ingredients ie, the mix of Vetiver, Ashwagandha, Red Sandalwood, Coriander, Lodhra and Liquorice. But when you mix it with rosewater ( I personally mix each and every pack I use with rose water to thicken the powder) though it is recommended to use it with buttermilk or water, it looks so natural and ayurvedic that it feels all your facial ailments will be treated well !

Ideally it is used for acne, dark circles, scars or pimples, and by gods grace I only have to deal with dark circles and dullness (though even these two are quite problematic things for me). I have used this pack twice as of now, once I mixed it with water and the second time with rose water, and yes, I could see a difference on my dull face. My skin got quite pale after applying regular make up for shoot and I was seriously disheartened as for me a glowing skin is the most important thing. I cannot say that the dullness and the dark circles vanished but yes, it did diminish.

Also, it is a pack that you can use in your daily routine and even if you don’t want to use in on your whole face you can just apply on the area you have to see the effect, so I am going to use it regularly for a week now and will let you know soon, if my dark circles are seriously and permanently gone for good!

kama ayurveda nimrah anti acne face pack
kama ayurveda nimrah anti acne face pack
kama ayurveda nimrah anti acne face pack
Until then,
Stay tuned.


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