Kalyan Jewellers’ Truly Bridal redefines Mother’s Day perception

When we get old and ambitious, when we start driving ourselves to our workplaces, when we start cooking for us, when we start managing our household and when we start taking care of people around us, that time, we forget that these traits are not god gifted but bestowed on us by our mothers.

We watch them all of our life serving unconditionally to her family be it on any level and though we think that she is a superwoman and these things are not meant for us, but being a girl, we all know that now or later we would love to be a replica of our mother.

Truly Bridal by Kalyan Jewellers have taken this step forward to show us the other side of being a mother. A mother who loves her daughter, who is proud of her career, who feels empty when she is not around, who feels lucky to have her, and that mother as we think would be her birth mother but is in fact, her mother-in-law.

mothers day

Why do we celebrate only mother’s day when mothers-in- law play the same role in one’s life? I am not married and cannot say much about it, but from what I have seen around is that a mother loves her daughter and son equally and when a daughter-in-law enters into a family, she is not a different entity but an active part of the family. In fact, the mother is worried that her daughter-in-law should not take her as a typical mother-in-law as she wants to be just her mother and love her the way she loves everyone in her family.

As a reaction, the lovely daughters talk about how they learned a lot from their mothers- in-law, as girls. I believe when you enter a new household, things change and you can only cope up with the changes with your mothers-in-law support.

mothers day

It is not right to think that a mother figure cannot be seen in your ‘Saans’ as we have heard this famous proverb that says it takes two to make a quarrel so why to pinpoint a single person? When you love the other person like a part of your family, then life becomes a simpler version of those dramatic daily soaps.

They say that a mother-in-law can never be a real mother to a woman but is it not beautiful that they try.

The daughters-in-law may not be their real daughter, but they try with their full heart to love them and get that admiration back. Gone are those days when the mothers-in-law were the villains of a happy family and planned every tactic carefully for the bride’s judgment day, when they passed on the hostility they incurred to their daughters- in- law. The world has changed and so have their thoughts.

Cheers to all the mothers out there! J
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