Jump your way ft. Postfold

Most of the times your mindset doesn’t match with what is going around in this world. Your thought process just doesn’t sync with the million others. Is it a way of Universe saying that you are going on a wrong track? That is it you have become independent and selfish in your own means that you put your way above rest.
I really can’t understand who is at fault? Is being fancy, fake and owning a disguise is the new trend or being yourself is the classic version? Sometimes you feel fed up with norms and customs but other times just small little things like when you are compared to someone is next to being silently disgraced. I don’t know why people can’t accept freedom of speech and want to stick at the benchmarks set, why can’t they understand that everyone is different and no one individual can be same even if they try their best.

Such was my day that have left me fed up with everyone around and the best way to vent it out is to write about it, so here I am. But leaving all this aside, I would love to tell you about this look that I created with Postfold and Lavie. If you haven’t seen my last post with Postfold yet then you must! The best thing about this jumpsuit is the thread detailing on the shoulders and a denim belt that can be adjusted and tied as per your post food stomach. 😛
I shot this look at Mango Beach House, a property in Alibaug, telling about my experience? Then you can easily skip going there but if you are a nature lover and don’t mind insects then it’s your place to be!

With this denim jumpsuit not only you can rock your day but also your evening parties, I paired it with trendy shades from Dukaan & Co, an online store that sells some chic sunglasses, you must check them out!

postfold jumpsuit 1
postfold jumpsuit 1
postfold jumpsuit 1

postfold jumpsuit 1
postfold jumpsuit 1
postfold jumpsuit 1
mango beach house

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