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tamaya spa jaypee mussoorie 6

I have a thing for blue berry cheesecake, even though I may not like to have it all but a bit of it just satiates me. I recently got a chance to try Blue Berry Cheese Cake spa at Tamaya, Jaypee Residency Manor, Mussoorie and well, you have to know all about it because it is totally worth it. 😉

We all have heard of different Ayurveda rituals but this one caught my eye and how can one resist blue berry? Is it?

Athrong, (the name of my masseuse), started the ritual by lightly dimming the room, and with bathtub filled with roses just parallel to your treatment table is just a delight to your eyes. Though generally, I don’t take sauna before the spa, but here the masseuse suggested the same, so I thought to give it a try. I must say, it is better than steam but anyhow I prefer to take steam at the end of the ritual than before it. So if you are wondering what exactly is the difference between Steam and Sauna, then you should know that Steam is where there is hot vapor in the air, and if you exceed your given duration, it can be claustrophobic whereas Sauna, is a lightly dimmed room with wooden seating and it just the opposite of Steam Bath, thus it is dry and hot.

To tell you about the process, Athrong cleaned my foot with the sanitizer and continued the process with warm oil body massage. As it was not related to Ayurveda or classics the pressure she used was soft. After that step came in Blue Berry Gel that is cool in nature and is generally used to keep your skin soft and glowing. It is that cool and wet that even the towel you are wearing gets cold. 😉

Well, for those who are seeking full body spa in terms of massage, cleaning and scrubbing then this Blue Berry Cheese Cake spa ritual is for you.

Later in the full process comes Blue Berry scrubbing. The epitome point of the scrubbing is when the masseuse does your back, though it is done while you are sitting but it cleanses and relaxes the tension on your back.

Lastly, the good people at Tamaya Spa, Jaypee Residency Manor Mussoorie prepared hot Jacuzzi for us with bubbles and Rose petals and just after we took our steam, we headed to Jacuzzi that was sweetly warm. 😉

Overall I liked the whole ritual but you should only prefer it if you are looking for full body cleansing and not a rejuvenating massage that makes you sleep and relaxes your muscle.

Stay tuned,

For all the details of our stay at Jaypee Mussoorie.

tamaya spa jaypee mussoorie 6
tamaya spa jaypee mussoorie 6
tamaya spa jaypee mussoorie 6
tamaya spa jaypee mussoorie 6
tamaya spa jaypee mussoorie 6


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