Is your Social Life Safe? ft. Cyber Insurance

Call it a necessity of our generation – we are all present on social media. So much so that running into someone who is not present on Instagram or Facebook shocks as much as when I don’t find a potato in a vegetable market. It has come to an extent that instead of taking a diet detox, people have started taking social media detox.

We are all modern day stalkers peeping into each other’s lives but just virtually, and thankfully meaning no harm to the other. But do you really think that everyone out there has the right intentions? It’s like an everyday thing for me (being a social media influencer) that now and then some of my loyal followers tag me saying that this profile is using your profile picture as their own! Each time I am left a little shaken that is it safe to be online? But do I really have a choice?

Social Media Influencing is just as common as any other business you are doing. We have to be present online 24X7. We don’t have a holiday nor can we make our profiles private. Sometimes it’s literally a war between the mind and heart that whether you should continue or not? You can’t really be fully threat proof nor can you take your business down as you have invested years of hard work in it.

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Cyber Stalking sometimes not only leaves you helpless but depressed too. Half of the time, you get personal messages from the profiles that you are not aware of and believe me when I say, eighty percent of the times those messages are not healthy. People bully you, talk shit about you on social media and you can answer back but then there is always another round of messages to spam you.

Other than all of this, what is also annoying is when a third party uses your content without your approval and does not even bother to give you credit.

Nonetheless, what still keeps me going is my passion towards creating such creative content for the loyal audience out there who likes me and supports me throughout. I adore what I do and nothing can stop me from doing what I love to do but sometimes or the other you are always thankful for an extra support.

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Thankfully, I came across Bajaj Allianz Individual Cyber Safe Insurance that takes care of each social media threat. Now, not only do I feel safe but also I know that someone out there is looking after me and would be there when asked for. If you are a budding blogger or have a good presence on social media, you have two choices – take a chance or buy this insurance.


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