Into The Forest ft. KAZO

Sometimes you don’t want to look like a clown wearing layers of clothing and terming it as your winter look, other times you just don’t care what the world thinks of you. With all those similar type of sweaters and pullovers you generally can’t experiment much and you end up buying those old fashioned pullovers that even your grandmother worn once. Recently got a chance to have a look at Kazo’s new party wear Winter Collection and I was swooned by some of the pieces that one can readily buy without a second thought and this was one such sweater.

Love how low-high trend is picking up as not only does it make clothing trendy but even add a lovely factor it. This brown cardigan from Kazo is something that can even be paired up with your jackets or coats and the final result will be worth the effort.

I have styled this pullover from Kazo with Miss Flurrty neckpiece and Woods boots, after all winter is all about boots and cardigans and all that autumn leaves fallen around.


Dark into the woods, she roamed looking for a piece of her left behind. She looked for it everywhere, behind the tress, behind those shrubs, behind the darkness. What was it she was looking for? Goblins wondered. They wanted to come and offer her a piece of fruit to join them but she had a different path planned and that belonged just to her. A path that she has chosen for herself and even though she can let her guards down but it would just for the one who was waiting for her where this forest ends.

Sometimes in life we get allure by few people who tend to cross our path and what is left in a later stage is a bag full of regret. Steps of the path cannot be chosen by us but the goal can be, so if the goal in your mind is clear enough you would know which step will lead you where.


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