Indigo Dress ft. Tjori Treasures

Even though summers are eight months long still I wonder, why do I love wearing this indigo dress in this winter’s but you know girls rather than sweating in your pullovers or jackets, you can think to wear this pretty indigo dress from Tjori Treasures and then layer it with your black leather jackets and boots to give it a winter look. Well those black boots and jackets goes with literally any of our outfit, isn’t it?

I wore it on my travel rendezvous to Pushkar and as it was quite hot during the day, this dress easily passed for a cool look. I love those dresses that can be worn with jackets and boots, as obviously it increases the versatility of the whole outfit.

Have you been through the situations when you are in a family gathering and you just cannot wear those dresses you adore but have to switch to something Indian as you know wearing fancy Indian Wear is the new way of dressing up, though it looks lovely when carried majestically but for a day get together where you just have lunch around and not be centre of attraction then this dress can easily pass for it.

tjori treasures
tjori treasures
tjori treasures

Pair it with some silver junkies and if you are looking for a more fancy look, then you go for a colourful hand embroidered clutch with tie up tan slip ons. Pair your favourite studs or jhumkas and  you are ready to go.
Tjori is a marketplace for such unique designs. It is a group of passionate and hardworking artisans who designs and brings into use Indian raw materials to create something beautiful out of it. Tjori curates selected pieces from various distinguished small designers, who may not have a name in industry as of now but via Tjori, you can shop their beautiful designs. What I loved in Tjori  is the uniqueness of designs they provide you with, the outfits and other accessories are not something that you can easily find in the market but now you know there is a platform that serves you with such artistic pieces, so if you are looking for such Indian wear this is your go-to place.

indigo dresses
indigo dresses

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