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Manja that means Turmeric in local language of South India was the name of the spa at The Ibnii Coorg. If you are wondering that you still haven’t heard from me on my travel experience to Coorg then you must stay tuned as all the details around it will be live soon.
When you enter Manja at The Ibnii Coorg, you can feel the aura of calmness and peace. Your steps takes you to a small pond with fishes swimming around the mosses. What was distinguishing at this Spa than the rest was they asked our choice of aroma oil. Which I believe is a great start in making you believe that we care about your opinion.

Amongst the varied range of oils like Lemongrass, Peppermint, Rose and others, I chose Ylang Ylang essential oil. Though I would have loved if there would be an appointed person from the staff who would have also assisted about the benefits of each oil.  Thus, in that case rather than just going by the aroma, I would have chosen an oil than may would have met specific needs.

I went for the Sanar Therapy that is also known as Aromatic Swedish Massage. Punita, my masseuse welcomed me in the therapy room with a sweet smile and unlike other treatments, here, steam comes first in the whole procedure. Thus instead of directly heading to the treatment table, I went straight towards the steam room.
The treatment started with warm oil where she used long strokes to release the tension from my body. She had strong hands but the deep pressure which I was seeking was missing. Though she was well trained on how to complete one stroke and go for the another.
When it comes to the oil, they mixed one drop of Ylang Ylang to their in-house Olive Oil. Well what I must mention and applause for is the quality of Olive Oil they used. I totally loved how natural were the ingredients as even after the hot Jacuzzi Bath, my body was well nourished.

ibnii Spa, spa blogger
ibnii Spa, spa blogger
ibnii Spa, spa blogger
ibnii Spa, spa blogger
ibnii Spa, spa blogger

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