How to style Tie Knot Tops

With this fast paced change in fashion industry every now and then we tend to discover new trends and styles. One such design caught my eye when I was surfing through Femella’s website. These tie knot tops have been quite trending oversees but when I first held it in hand, I was confused to see four sleeves hanging from one top. 😛

Though, I am loving how the pictures have come out. To break the monotony of the blue through out the outfit, I paired the outfit with marsala heels, which I have also styled in one of my previous post. It’s not of those tops that can go with skirts as it’s quite long but ankle length capris, denims and shorts would look the best with this top.

femella tie knot top 7
femella tie knot top 7
It’s one of those tops where you can adjust the fit around your waist, as it’s a tie knot and luckily all those extra tires also hides. 😉 If you are wondering where to buy it? You can visit Femella‘s website, also don’t forget to check my previous posts from the brand.

femella tie knot top 7
femella tie knot top 7
She ventured into the unknown believing that she have control over her life but little did she know that each step was oil laden and there was not even a railing she can hold on to. She only had two choices, either to try her luck and reach towards the end by slipping and bumping or change her course. Guess what she chose? Well, she went for an oil resistant shoes! It all depends on the perspective you have in your life in order to reach towards your goal.

So stay strong, be positive, believe in the universe as whatever emotion originates from you, it will surely bounce back in an intensified way.

femella tie knot top 7
femella tie knot top 7
femella tie knot top 7
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