How to style Suede Dress? ft.

Let’s go to Downtown, shall we? He asked her. How could she say no, she was craving for a pint of beer in this hot sunny weather? For him, it was all about the long ride he can take with her, towards the open road and sunny sky.

She wore her aviators and slipped in her favourite tan dress, which thankfully was not body hugging. She didn’t want to show those curves as of now at least. She liked him too but had a habit of not letting her emotions come on the face. How could she? She wanted to put her best foot forward. After all, one day they can be together. <3 But until now, she was not sure of his feelings and unless she wasn’t sure of it, she would not have taken any chances be it any given situation.

When they reached their destination, all she wanted to hold his hand and declare it out loud, ‘he is mine’, even his little gestures, like opening the door for her, or pulling out the chair, or even waiting for her so that they can walk together were few of those things that she simply loved.

Sometimes love is all about those small things that one hardly notices but once you start feeling it from within, each small gesture towards your partner will make you realise what really matters.

Anyways, to tell you about the outfit, this Camel Suede Laser Cutout dress is from I totally loved the quality and the whole feel of it. Though it’s not really for harsh summer but rather for a little more cool places or a pleasant weather.
Did you check my last blog with yet? If not you can check it here. Also, the footwear is from Devika Bharadwaj, I have styled quite a few pieces from her collection in past, to check them, please click here.

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