How to style a peplum top ft. Yellow Hanger

We all have seen Pepulm tops now and then, and when summer kicks in, all you want to wear are the lightest clothes of all which neither of have any weight nor are dark in colour. This floral peplum from Yellow Hanger is one such. Though personally, I didn’t like the quality of it but loved the easy breezy feel of the top.

If you are wondering that you have heard about this brand before, then you must check out my last post with them.

yellow hanger 1
yellow hanger 1
Some days, you have so much going in your head that you really don’t know from where to start or where to end. You wish that you had a personal robotic assistant who can deal with everything around you and play as your mirror self. By choosing the same few things that you have in your mind, someone who can just take your place for a time being but yes, you have the remote to handle it.
Even when things are falling in place, your mind needs to touch a point where there is just peace for a while and you don’t have to worry about any given damn thing.

Sometimes, your eyes turn a blind side towards what all is really going around you. A moment comes when you realise that you have been sitting on the same desk for quite a while whereas the whole world has been flying over you like busy bees and you have been like that potato sack, who is immune to everything.

Every now and then you need a break they say, but sometimes, a small vacation turns into a hectic one and you need your room to be calm and re energise yourself.

yellow hanger 1
yellow hanger 1
yellow hanger 1
yellow hanger 1
yellow hanger 1Bag: Chiaroscuro

Location Courtesy: Novotel Shrem Hotel, Goa.

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