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When you feel like that things around you are starting to fall apart? Things that you have cherished for so long and times you have fought for, those moments looks like a phase you have now started to regret. Being loved and loving someone are two different things and if you have both of them, you are one lucky person. But when your feelings starts to get diverted or when you just feel like giving up, sit down and think twice about moments you have lived happily. There will be many moments that will make you stop by and would want you to clutch to those happy memories. As folks, giving up is easy but living through, sometimes becomes worth it. Though, if you cannot find any happy memory, it is better to be a free mind and live a phase of life that is worth living.

Stalk buy love dress, gypsy soul
Stalk buy love dress, gypsy soul
As a free mind is what you call being a gypsy soul.
Love everyone and don’t expect much out of anyone. That is how you can live happily. Live a life on your own rules and don’t share your emotions with anyone, what’s the fun of expecting endless number of things out of someone who doesn’t even stand up to one of them.

Stalk buy love dress, gypsy soul
Stalk buy love dress, gypsy soul
Be a wanderer and never limit yourself from exploring new opportunities. A new opportunity may not be the same as the old one that you probably had lost but what if it is a better one?

A free soul is a happy being. A person who does not have anything to cling upon. But don’t force yourself to be the gypsy one as you are the best the way you are.
Stalk buy love dress, gypsy soul
Stalk buy love dress, gypsy soul

This dress is from Stalk Buy Love, a perfect wear for summers. Specially the floral print that speaks of spring, summer and love altogether. Pair it up with different accessories to achieve this look. 🙂 As the accessories that I have styled are from different local markets, so I am quite sure enough you can get your hands too on something similar.
Footwear : Forever 21


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