Get Set Go ft. Zaful

Most of the times we feel like moving out of our daily mundane routine and even the smallest thing that is not usual catch our attention. Even a part of dressing that is not your usual style looks good as it is something that is not your daily activity.
It is how far can you explore your twin self and how long can you work on it to achieve the best in you, and even if you think you have achieved it, think again.
If you believe that life is as we know it then yes it does become your game studio where you can manage your next move but if you think that you have no control over your life then dear friend, you would see your goals slipping from the hand.
Be who you are and remain positive to that attitude as life treats you better when you pamper yourself.

Moving forward with the outfit details this Embroidered V-Neck Rivet Tank top from Zaful is pure love. Not only you can pair it with your plain tops like I did pair it up with this black top from Femella which is a rich black top with lace detailing at the bottom, the quality and fit are perfect as always but also you can pair it up with your dresses or maxi’s. This front open top has the feel of an Indian Jacket but its a cotton clothing and can be worn in this weather with full sleeves tops or dresses. Pair it up with your white kurta or your blue mini dress to do a perfect justice.

But if you pair up this V-Neck Rivet top with this Black Femella Top it will surely make the heads turn as not only does it completes the outfit but also adds an extra effect to the usual mundane look.

I have also styled an outfit from Zaful before, you can have a look at it here and if you are looking for cool evening dresses that can even be worn beneath your coats, you can have a look at a dress I styled from Femella here.

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