Gaana App : One of the best music streaming app

Why is Gaana app the number 1 music-streaming app in India?

If you all are following me on twitter, you would know how Gaana App is now world famous and also streams the best new music videos! Want to know more about the app? Then read on. J

 3 best features of app

  1. If you’ve started playing a song, and are curious about its video, simply tap on the bottom player, and then tap on “video” link from the full screen player to watch the song’s video.
  2. With the new Gaana app, life just became simpler for all who struggle to remember the lyrics. Click on the lyrics tab in the player when the song is playing and hum along.
  3. Gaana app has also launched the ability to use app interface in 9 Indian languages i.e. Hindi, English, Tamil, Telugu, Punjabi, Marathi, Bengali, Bhojpuri, Kannada, Malayalam.

So, next time you feel like singing, dancing, watching a song, or just simply listening to music, launch the new Gaana app and experience music like never before.

gaana app
gaana app
To Download the new Gaana 4.0 app, visit or SMS ‘gaana’ to 58888

Wondering why Gaana app is the best app?

Music has the power to enrich every moment of life. Whether you are partying, on a romantic date, travelling, bored, or just chilling out, Gaana mobile app is your perfect music companion. It has a lot many features, like:

  1. With the latest update, new users will be prompted to select their preferred languages, and existing users change their language preferences in Settings. This feature is now live on Android, and will come to iPhone users soon.
  2. Gaana app has an easy navigation design and a personalization framework that provides an enriching experience. You can find all your favorites in one place, see what your friends are listening to, discover a lot of new music and also subscribe to enjoy unlimited downloads.

gaana app

gaana app
gaana appWhy I love Gaana App?

Gaana’s mission has always been to bring the best music experience to all of India. Gaana reaches over 25 million consumers, but is now finally usable for hundreds of millions of Indians who can’t read English. This is one of multiple initiatives by us to provide value to all Indians across India and the world.

Moreover with all these above stated that too latest features, Gaana App is becoming my most used app for listening music, watching videos and what not!



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