Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Review

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Hope you all are doing well. You would have got to know by now from my social media posts about my travel to Switzerland and Milan and I am quite sure you would have seen my love for Fujifilm Instax Mini 8. In this post I am going to tell you everything about my experience with Instax.

1. It is super cute.
2. It is easy to carry and light to handle.
3. It gives you instant photos that create an everlasting memory.
4. It comes with different filters that can be used as per the weather conditions.
5. The Joy box has a selfie lens that makes your life easier.
6. The Joy box also has a travel bag to keep your Instax safe.
7. Fujifilm Instax mini 8 is available in varied range of colours, giving you a many cool options to choose from.

1. Buying the film is a costly affair. 20 shots are available at INR 850 at Amazon.in
2. It does not work well in bright sunlight as the flash is permanent and cannot be switched off.
3. You cannot digitally transfer the photos you have clicked. Its only on the film or shot that comes out.

instax mini 8 joy box
instax mini 8
instax mini 8 joy box
instax mini film
The colour of Instax mini 8 in this post is Raspberry and the price the of Joy Box is INR 6499 which contains a twin film pack, Instax Camera Bag, Batteries : 2 unit, Photo marker, Instruction Manual and obviously Instax Mini 8 camera with Selfie Mirror.

Some tips while you are using the Instax:
1. Try to focus on near by things or objects rather than clicking landscapes.
2. Filter setting is a must or else you are going to waste 1 full film.
3. You don’t have to shake your polaroid when it comes out, just take it and keep it in a dark place until and unless the picture does not appear. If you shake the, the colours just don’t come out to be good. So, don’t shake it.
4. Don’t hold your new baby polaroid from the center as it will again spoil the picture and you will get some serious yellow marks on it.
5. Try out selfies with the selfie mirror, it comes out to be real jazzy.

instax mini 8 price
instax fujifilm

Travelling with Instax was refreshing as what’s better than keeping your memories in print rather than filling up your phone’s memory. Though, I believe that a feature in which the Instax photos could also be transferred digitally would have been a good addition as even though we like to get nostalgic by seeing all the printed pictures but we are also a social media hoarder. Until and unless we don’t capture an image and upload it on social media, something within does not satiates.

But on the whole, the experience with Instax was delightful as it makes you think what kind of memory would you like to store in real as once clicked there is no going back. Sometimes, such influences trigger some of the best photos that are meant to stay with you.

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