Fossil Q Marshal Review

What have you planned to gift your loved ones this Diwali Season? Gone are the days of sweets and beverages. Now plan to gift something that they can cherish forever. If you are thinking to shop for clothes, well they will and can buy it online, moreover their own choice matters the most, but guys a smart watch could be a possession they would definitely love. It is something that will fit well and look good on almost every wrist.

This touchscreen Fossil Q Marshal is one of the trendiest smart thing I have came across. With different faces to choose from, you can have a new dial display every time you want. What’s best than to match your dial with the choice of your dress? The brown leather band with stitched black edges gives it more of a classic Fossil look when compared to other smart watches available. If you are fossil’s genuine brown leather fan, you are going to love what are they offering in this little tom boyish Fossil Q Marshal.

The claim is that the battery lasts 24 hours long, well yes if you go around with a full charge. Moreover the charger of Fossil Q Marshal is quite fancy and portable as it comes with s small magnetic disk that sticks to the rear of the watch.

It counts step but not the heartbeats, which is quite unlike other smart watches available in the market. Also, this timepiece is waterproof but surely it is not advisable to wear it when you are swimming or you will be just carrying along a dead heavy piece with you. 😉
Though when compared to other wearable devices, Marshall Q is slightly low on features but you can readily view time, notification from all your logged in social media channels, calls and messages alerts, timer and wake up alarms.

The best things in Fossil Q Marshal are the looks, which will surely leave an imprint on the mind of the onlooker. The collection is priced between INR 21,995 – INR 22,595/-
So guys, what are you waiting for? Have you shopped for Diwali yet?

Fossil Q Marshal Review

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