Femella Grey Top

Most of the time it happens that you let go of people because of their deeds. You feel that investing your emotion in them is not worth it at all as why to be with a person who doesn’t bring a better side of you? Though over the time I have realised that if given an opportunity people do change. This notion may not apply to all of them but yes, the one who really do care comes back with twofold of love.
This Femella Grey top is one of those that can stick to you from day to night without an itch or discomfort. A friend in need and a comfort is disguise. <3

I hope you have seen my previous blogs with Femella where I have talked about their classy designs and their unparalleled quality. This Femella Grey Top can be styled the way you can see in the pictures below or you can even pair it up with white jeans or tule skirt. I believe white will go quite well with it too! Why din’t I style it that way because I wanted to pair these sporty shoes from Vans with it. 😛

Do you have a pair of Vans shoes with you? Well if you said no, then you are missing on something major. The quality and comfort are just superb. I guess this blog is turning out be what should you shop if you want to be quality and comfort efficient. 😛 But anyway, I always look for these two adjectives in my clothing.

Also, if you are wondering where did I shoot this, well it from our latest travel to The Lalit Mangar resort which is a newly opened one, stay tuned as will be uploading blogs and vlogs to show you how was the property and what all we did. J

femella grey top 1
femella grey top 000
femella grey top 1
femella grey top 000
femella grey top 1

femella grey top 1
femella grey top 1Stay tuned,
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