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There comes a time when you don’t feel like doing anything at all, be it catching up with old friends or watching your favourite movie, or even just lying down on your bed without doing anything, I don’t like such situations but once in a month no matter what you do, you get entangled up in this web of nonchalance. Well this is what my state of mind is while writing this blog.

When you visit places, you feel rejuvenated and even though if sometimes you feel that you want to return home to your family, that feeling when you are at home for more than one week just vanishes as now you want to travel again. See different places, experience different cuisines, meet different people and live the way you want.

Most of the times now, I have to be present on social media posting ootd’s or story’s but when I get a time to step into my go-to dress this Blush Pink Midi is always my first choice.

This one from Femella is that outfit that you can carry off freely without thinking that is it to short? or is the neck deep? or what-so-ever the reasons may be and this is why it’s my favourite one. You can either pair it up with your favourite sneakers, stilettos or bellies, it will look good anyhow and when it comes to hair do, light curls would look perfect but a top bun or pony tail would go to. In short, it’s a real go-to dress. <3

femella dress 2
femella dress 2
femella pink 5768
femella dress 2
femella dress 1
femella dress 2

I shot this outfit at Novotel Resort and Spa, Goa but did you read about our travelogue yet? If not head here to know all about our travel series!

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