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When dresses become your happy abode and all you can manage is to wear a dress when you move out. The flare and the comfort are something that you want to spend your all day in, especially such dresses that are loose, airy and shouts of summer. Such has been this week where I just managed to pull of a day by lazying around with these dresses on my small vacation to Milan.
White, peaches, creams are some of the colours that can never go wrong on any of the occasion and lately these hues have been my favourite. Wear them on a special occasion or on an event or simply just on your family get together, the comfort and elegance level will be on the hike.

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femella dresses jabong
This dress can be paired up with your tan fringe flats or your tanned shoes as well but do keep in mind to pair something tanned with it, I feel it accentuates the aura of this dress and that is the reason I am carrying this tan shirt from Forever 21, also the weather was on little chilly side 😉

femella dresses jabong, femella maxi dress
femella maxi dress
I got this dress from Femella and as if you have been following my posts, you will get to know my love for this brand especially because it surpasses on quality and fittings like I always say.

Live a life that is envied by your fellow mate, well if she does not get envious then she is not your real mate. A life in which you don’t give a damn on what is happening around, neither do you need your happy abode but a time for yourself where you can ponder on what you actually want. A life that you can claim to be yours and shudder off those responsibilities that cling unnecessarily.

femella fashions
white dress online

PS: I also styled these shoes with another outfit, you can check it here.

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