Fairytale ft. Kazo

Fairytales are a way of living in a word where you don’t want to face the realities rather you try to alter them so that it can fit your pocket and looks like a bliss. For me fairytales are not always about wearing gowns and waiting for your prince charming but it’s more of a tale where you are a successful women chasing after own own dreams and keeping a confidence that everything will be in it’s right place sooner or later but nonetheless never leaving the hope to achieve your goals.

pink palazzo kazo

pink palazzo kazo
pink palzzo kazo
I have created this full look from Kazo India, among the many collections of dresses and gowns, I picked this black frill sleeves top with pink palazzo. To accessorise the whole look I went with black clutch and half moon earrings. I believe it’s one of those looks that can be rocked in evening get togethers, style the full look with your favourite black or nude heels and you are good to go. To talk more about this look then I must tell you that it’s not only one of those trendy evening looks but even pink and black itself is great colour combination.

pink palazzo kazo

pink palazzo kazo

pink palzzo 6
It’s not like fairytales are not for everyone but it depends on the question that how ready are you to lose yourself in that moment? Do you really want to spend your who life waiting for a prince charming to sweep you off your feet or you can live those life goals yourself.

Fairytales always mean a happy ending but never ever forget the process one has to go through to achieve that bliss. Everything takes it time to ripe, they say so. I believe we all can have a fairytale ending if we keep our patience and keep doing the hard work in the right direction.

PS: I have worked with Kazo before too, to see my earlier posts you can click here.

pink palzzo kazoStay tuned,
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