Fairy Tule skirt ft. Femella

Round she goes off to a land where there is no one except a carousel and a rabbit boggling in his brown mudded hole. She wandered peacefully in her fairy pink skirt across the place, looking at the colourful carousel once and then the Silver Rabbit hopping around. It was like that she has dreamt of this quiet place before and being here did not perturbed her at all in fact she was more than peaceful than ever. She had that straight face which now showed no emotions. The Pink skirt girl was now somehow quite familiar with the nooks and turns. It did not look like that she missed anything from her own land. The more time she spent at the Carousel, the more she got more lost in that place. A time came, she forgot who she was, from where did she come and to where she has to go. Now it was just herself on the carousel and the rabbit hopping around sans emotions.

I am not sure how come did I thought of this snippet but it looks quite terrifying now when I am re-reading it :/. I don’t want to delete it either as I like to write and what’s the best platform than to share it on your own blog. 🙂 Well that pink skirt I am talking about in the above lines and the pink tule skirt I am wearing in the pictures below is from Femella. Also I have styled this top before in my previous posts, you can check (My White on white look). You can style the look like I have done it, or you can even go with black boots or pearl/pink coloured sandals.

femella pink skirt 6
femella pink skirt 6
femella pink skirt 6
femella pink skirt 6
femella pink skirt 6
maybelline eye liner

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