Fabindia – A dose for this fiery summer.


Hello people! Today I am going to review the personal care products from FabIndia, I received lately.

Lemon Cypress have its own healing properties that can be used to remove acne and let go of that extra oil on your skin.

In this range, first in the row comes handy with these products an amazing looking box in which you can even store your day to day products or your trinkets. Products that were in this box are as follows :

  • The Lemon Cypress Face Wash have a refreshing fragrance that removes the dirt on your face in the very first wash. Though it is not suitable for dry skin. But for oily skin it can do wonders.
  • The Skin Toner – Refreshing note of this toner maintains the freshness that Face Wash leaves.
  • The Moisturizing Lotion and Body Wash – To beat the summer hues and get away from this scorching heat,
    these two refreshingly cool products are a must try because of the lightness in there texture.


To get your hands on this range visit Fabindia.com and engage in some online shopping.


We're not around right now. But you can send us an email at aanchal.goel01@gmail.com or fill the Contact form below. :)

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