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They say summer is not for layering but why not? Isn’t this a best way to not to get tanned! You must have seen me in dresses most of the times and well, maxis are the comfiest creation, believe it or not!
Most of the times you really don’t find good layers that can go with one another in one fashion brand but both, this plaid shirt and parrot green maxi are from FabAlley.

fab alley 1
fab alley 1
When you want to keep it casual but add a little bit factor of yourself, how can you not wear your favourite sneakers? Wondering from where did I get them? You can check my Facebook Page for more details. Don’t mind following us there if you like our content. 😛
This look when layered can easily be worn during lunch with friends or your evening strolls to a club or a friend’s place. But nonetheless, this parrot green dress can be styled separately with a belt or just your sling. Though personally, I would never wear it with pencil heels or stilettos. Moreover this plaid shirt is your go-to outfit to your any trips, vacations or wherever you have to be in your comfiest self.

fab alley 1
Traveling is a feeling that make you free from within. Moments where you meet your true self. Time which you will cherish the most. Don’t look it as an escape from reality as believe me you can never really do that. Even if you switch off your mind on that note, somewhere in the back of your mind the reality would still be lingering, so it’s best to face it than to escape it. Rather travel to explore new ventures, new realities and new faces.

PS: When you have your traveling shoes on and you are set to explore then there is no stopping. All the situations will come together to make it possible for you to live more, explore more and feel more.

fab alley 1
fab alley 1
fab alley 1
red tape 1

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