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Recently over this long Holi Weekend, I decided to head to F Salon Rajouri Garden for trying out some monthly body care rituals like Hair Spa, Pedicure Manicure and a Facial. I loved the ambience of the salon and it was relaxing to see how spacious it was.

On our arrival, we consulted with their head stylist that what kind of hair spa would be beneficial for me and as due to the change of season, my hair suffered from flakiness, so we went for anti-dandruff hair spa treatment by L’oreal.

f salon 4

My hair treatment was carried out with their in house hair spa specialist Prem Kumar and what I loved was how patient he was with every step. It annoys me when the hair stylist runs to the second step in order to finish the procedure but here Prem was quite cautious with every step so that each step is carried out relaxingly. We started with the head wash and then headed to hair spa treatment.

I appreciate that he was well aware of how to give a proper head massage! A head massage that was not restrained just to head but he even worked magic on neck and back.

So guys, if you are going for Anti-Dandruff Hair Spa, do take 3-4 sittings for best results and don’t forget to ask for Prem for a good head massage. 🙂

f salon 4
Then we headed to Pedicure and Manicure and  I tried Green Tea and Cinnamon Pedicure ( I have only heard of these products at F Salon, Rajouri Garden, so had to give it a try). This ritual was carried out by Lucky Rana, though he massaged my foot quite well but I was personally not satisfied with the products. So if you are there for pedicure, you can go for their ‘ F Salon ‘ Range, that probably would give better results.

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Lastly, when it came to facial, sadly I had to wait for half an hour or more for the lady who would carry on with this ritual, even though the appointment was taken they had some internal staff issue probably because of Sunday but until then I consulted their in house skin care doctor, Dr. Mahesh, who happily said that my skin texture is quite good but due to tanning, I have quite pale patches and he suggested to try Dermalogica facial ( it clears the dead skin layer on the skin ). This treatment is one of their best available facials and well, I loved it too.

Not like that it gives you extra glow or fairness but it works on your skin in a way that it looks blemish free and retains the natural glow on your face. This procedure was carried out by Sakshi Sharma, who literally have good hands for facial massage. I loved how smoothly she carried it out and not only she worked on my face but when at last the pack was on, she massaged my neck, back, legs, foot and who doesn’t love this extra dose of treatment.

f salon 4

f salon 4
f salon 4
Over all it was a good experience and would definitely visit here again.

Ratings: 3.5/5


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