Event : Denver Beer Shampoo


I have always been possessive with my hair care and I guess most of us are. Moreover with this humidity lingering around us, we can only have hair fall, dryness and what not..
So recently, I got an invite to try the new Denver Beer Shampoo and my first thought was how is it better than Park Avenue Beer Shampoo. But after trying the former one such thoughts are long gone. Never personally tried Park Avenue Beer Shampoo but for Denver, I can say after first wash, I got a styling done and I thought my hair are softer because of that but even after the second wash my hair were soft and shiny. Denver works just well for me.


So one such event was held at Affinity Salon, GK, where we were pampered with a good hair wash (obviously shampoo being Denver Beer Shampoo) and then a styling session with the hair stylist of the salon. Though personally, I did not like what my hair stylist was trying to do as it let to breakage of my hair and even after telling him to do it calmly, it did not help. Though my hair looked good and smelled of beer and was soft but the hair stylist did spoil the experience a little.

Other than that I would rate beer shampoo 3.5/5 . It can be used as a daily shampoo with your uh-so expensive shampoo’s used once or twice.

Here are some pictures from the event of how my hair got styled and how lovely it looked.

den7 den6 den5







den3den1 den



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