Embrace the sunshine ft. Splash

What’s the bright side of a Sunny Day is it our off shoulders or slip dresses or the air conditioner in our cozy rooms? But then what’s the bright side of a winter season? The natural sun light that keeps you warm and the low temperature that allows you to cuddle in your heavy blankets. Both the seasons have their own charm but I love winter anyhow, what’s not there to love in winters, it’s hardly here for maximum 2 months and after all you can play with layers and layers and layers. The sunlight that touches your face on a winter day is a pure bliss.

This blush pink hoodie from Splash Fashions is one of those outfit in which you can lay around all day and night. A cozy feel that keeps your warmth intact and it’s too cute to wear.
Pair it up the way I have, or take a large size and carry it with your stockings. You can even go with blue denims and tan boots to rock this sweatshirt.
Either tie a topknot or a keep your strands loose, but don’t forget to apply your favourite pink lip shade.

splash-4. pink hoodie

People come but many of them leave too. Sometimes it’s because of what you do and other times it’s something they did. Even if you pull your ego down, only few of them are present at that very moment well, else who committed a mistake just don’t even know how it hurts to lose someone you thought once was your friend. For some it is easy to let it go but for other’s it’s like taking a life decision. We all want to make beautiful memories with our loved ones and I guess that’s only way you can preserve a relation. As now people generally don’t care about relations but what are you left is a picture of you two smiling back at the camera?

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