Dress up this Diwali ft. Ritu Kumar

If you still have not finalised your Diwali Outfit then you must follow up this blog to know where you should head to update your festive wardrobe! Well, I totally loved this pastel blue outfit from Ritu Kumar. As the best thing about this one is that it’s neither over the top nor it’s dull. If you are a jewellery lover like me then I must tell you that almost any type of jewellery would look well with this Ritu Kumar look. Though I personally feel that Gold did the real justice to such ethereal outfit.

I loved the quality and the design, but the best thing is the crushed sharara pants that can also be worn separately with your western wardrobe. I would suggest that you let your hair loose for this look or even loose curls would work. When it comes to footwear go for something bling or metallic and if you are a clutch person then go with a gold or rose gold clutch. You can even add colours by opting for Navy, emerald green one’s.

If you are wondering from where to get your hands on such intricate jewellery pieces? Then stay tuned as very soon a detailed blog around it will be up soon.

Ritu Kumar 5

Ritu Kumar 6
There is this thing about Indian Wear that makes me swoon. Every time I think of switching to my pants on a festival day, either I am thwarted by mum but most of the times, I just feel our denims kill the festive vibes so I try to keep my festive face on. Moreover when it’s Diwali you tend go a little extra. Even though on Diwali I stay at home and relatives pours in at Night but Diwali is one such festival that even an extra touch/ jewellery/ accessory would do justice to your look.
So guys this Diwali, just GLOW and forget what the world thinks! <3

Ritu Kumar 6

Ritu Kumar 6

Ritu Kumar 6

Ritu Kumar 6

Ritu Kumar 6

Years back, I did a same Diwali post for Ritu Kumar, sometimes it feel so much have changed but yet so little.

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