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Now a days we have seen people spending their time engrossed on Internet. They have literally got entangled in this cobWEB. Those days are gone when people used to sit down around their cozy places and jot down about their daily routine. Moreover, I believe that writing a daily dairy is of no use, as you are not producing anything useful instead just filling the pages with unnecessary details.

But what if you jot down experiences from your travel? Will that not be a great idea?

Maintaining a Travel Diary or writing something that is worth reading like story or a novel?

The fun of reading a novel on pages is much better and much more loved than reading it online. Moreover writings are always not for the public view as something’s loses its essence when it’s open to all.

I want to introduce you to a diary that can be your very own partner. Wherever you go, just carry it along. Write about your whims and fancies around that trip. Become a writer, write for yourself first and then for all.

From London to Morocco, from Banaras to Jhumri Teliya make your very own travel tale. I got this diary from Doodle Collection. You can check it out in their YRF series. The theme is based on Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge. To compliment the romantic drama the diary is bifurcated into different part of Europe where Raj and Simran visited. It’s a beautifully maintained travel journal with a planner for each month.

Wanted to attach the images of the pages, I wrote but then, I don’t have a very good handwriting and you may not have understood it. But still attaching just one page.



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