Denim Dress, much in Fashion eh?

Denim Dresses have always been my favourite. Whether you wear it like a shirt or a dress, it accentuates the aura of the whole look. In this post, I am featuring a denim shirt dress from Stalk Buy Love in three different styles. Though personally I am in love with all the three styles and cannot choose one among the rest but would like to know your opinion. J

In my first look, I have paired a cardigan from Forever 21 with this dress, you can either go with shoes or similar loafers like these. This look can be rocked when you are going out with your girlfriends for a lunch.
denim dress
denim dress online

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denim shirt dress online india
This is look is more raw than the other two looks. With Denim on denim you can never go wrong. Carry a black sling and wear a ankle length black boot with it, you are good to go.

denim shirt dress online india 01
It is one of my favourite look. All you need is a scarf and a belt to create this look. Try to pair it with a colourful scarf to make the look trendy and chic.

stalk buy love 1
stalk buy love
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