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What do you generally wear when you go out for a lunch? In Delhi during autumn you really can’t wear a warm clothing. Though sometimes you want to add an accessory that can at least help you to keep yourself in shade when needed as in Delhi there is no Autumn. From summers we directly jump onto winter.
I have always been an accessory lover, either it’s a scarf or some antique jewellery. Though, when I received this grey dress from Gulaal Creations, I instantly loved the fit and the side detailing. But how can an accessory lover not add some layers? Thus, I added this green scarf to brighten up the whole look. Accompanying it was my pastel coloured footwear that complimented the scarf and thus I was all set for lunch!

When you scroll down, you will see a different outtake/styling of this outfit too. Though what I believe is, that this grey dress from Gulaal creations is subtle and is perfect for all those occasions when you really don’t want to pop out from the crowd. Instead it keeps the whole vibe clean and sophisticated. Though don’t forget to add a a little colour from your scarf or from a poppy lip color.

Gulaal Creations
Gulaal Creations
I shot this outfit when I went to Shangri-La, Delhi for scrumptious dimsum lunch, to know more about it, you can head to my Instagram Page.
If you are thinking what clutch/bag you shall carry with this look? Then you shall go for tan, black or white if you want to keep it subtle or else go for any color it was rather give the same appeal. J
If you have any queries about styling then shoot us a mail and we would be happy to guide you on the same.

Gulaal Creations
Gulaal Creations
Gulaal Creations

Gulaal Creations
Gulaal CreationsStay tuned,
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