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When you try your best but you don’t succeed. When you get what you want but not what you need. When you think you are stuck in the middle and everything you have done is waste, well people that’s just a phase of life that will pass by. Nothing is eternal, everything has a set time in your life. Just give your best to every aspect of life and table will change. Embrace each moment, the stage where you feel you can no longer hold anymore ,just pause and clutch to your dearest thing/person without whom you cannot think of living this life and then everything will fall back into place.
PS: Yes, first line is from my favourite song Fix You.

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These pictures are from my trip to Switzerland and yes, a lot more is in store. Hopefully, I will also be writing a travel blog on the same.
About the outfit, this linen dress is from Bhane, it is a people’s brand where you can find something for everyone. Secondly, the scarf is from Meraki by Pallavi Kandoi, I also did a blog on a jumpsuit from her label, you can find it here. Lastly and most importantly the bag is from Corkiza. It is an eco-friendly, cruelty free brand that also bespoke of sustainable fashion. The best thing about these bags are that they are water and dust resistant and as they are made of cork .they are bio- degradable, renewable and recyclable.
What I loved most in Corkiza is that it is different, something that cannot be found anywhere due to its material and quality. Moreover it comes with vibrant and beautiful colours that can be carried with most of the outfits.


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corkiza bag


corkiza bag

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street style
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