Conventionally Unrestrained ft. Femella

Have you been bided by circumstances where you tend to speak not from your heart but from your mind? We all live in the world where opening our heart doesn’t make you free but even more vulnerable. Why can’t we open our arms and let the emotions in and also reciprocate in the same way? Like giving back the love in same equated way!

We have to be unrestrained in our mind and only that can lead us to a step further. People might judge you, well they will judge you anyhow even if you do something right? So why not just listen to your heart and love endlessly without any further expectation from the counterpart? Do what you feel will escalate you without hurting anyone as no matter how old we grow or how rich we become, humanity still comes first.

This sweatshirt from Femella is what you need to be yourself, be you. A garment that doesn’t have any embellishments to make it stand out in the crowd but all it does need is purity of a mind that has courage to follow the heart. With zip detailing on the corner this sweatshirt stands out from the rest in the lot as  the best part that you can open it or close it as per your liking and the look completely changes. I have paired it with a linen M&S shirt and ripped denims to give it a formal yet casual look.

With Femella you are certain with the quality of the fabric and when its winters, a fake woolen can spoil your mood whereas the fabric used by Femella keeps your warmth intact and protected.

Also, did you check my last post with Femella yet? A winter layering that can work for your day and night parties.




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