Are you thinking of something that you are not able to grasp? Looking for something that you have lost and forgotten? Life is not the way it is, this is heard by anyone and everyone around you but your life can be exactly the way you want it to be. Follow what you think is right. Appreciate what is worth appreciating. Move on the correct path when you consciously know that what you are doing is fallacious. It is true that good things come to those who have a positive attitude towards life and with positive attitude you achieve what you want so when you say you can do it, you may definitely do it in near future.

World around you is dark, but stand in front of it with your light. You have to choose what you want to be, don’t let the surroundings around engulf you and make you someone they want you to be.

retro look, ruchira nangalia, floral dresses

retro look, retro look, ruchira nangalia, floral dresses

Keeping all this philosophical talks aside, this outfit from Ruchira Nangalia is one of the outfits that can be worn on the upcoming festival of Raksha Bandhan. If you think it’s causal then you must know it’s elegant too. It is light and comfortable to wear and this printed fabric shouts out of summer and spring. It is one of the perfect wear this season. Isn’t it?
Also if you are thinking that you have read the designer’s name before on my blog, so yes, in recent past I did a blog from the same label, you can check it here. Both of these outfits are My Multifaceted Diary’s festive inspiration too.
You can style it without accessories but just your cool shades and favourite ring is just enough to make it an outfit that is fit for your lunch or brunch but accessorising makes this look more festive.

retro look, ruchira nangalia, floral dresses

retro look, ruchira nangalia, floral dresses

retro look, ruchira nangalia



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