Color me not-so-pretty ft. Sammydress

When you see a certain kind of generation walking like a living rainbow on the streets, you just wonder can I ever really relate to them? Sometimes same thing happen in the Fashion Weeks, people dresses just to catch someone eyes and they end up looking more or less like a clown. Seriously guys you should know that there is another generation too who knows what real fashion sense is and they look great too in the same. I agree that you are trying to reach somewhere and in that process you try out different things but before leaving just once ask your mother what they really think of your look and you will get the right answer. Colour when not paired up rightly can create havoc. It’s fine if you love all colors but that doesn’t mean all colours love to be together at the very same time.

This wool blend coat from Sammydress is everything you need to wear over those string tops or camisoles. Pair it with your shirt dresses or to try a different look pair it the way I have. Either you can go for chunky boots or you can even pair a knee-high suede boots with the look. Also, this blush pink classic shirt from Marks & Spencers when paired with this lovely aqua blue coat is something that can make you look too girly at times because of the colour combination but when paired it with right kind of styling and attitude then you know where are you heading to. So do try it and tag us on Instagram, we would love to repost it. 🙂

Lastly, did you check my last post with Sammydress yet and if your first question is that do they ship to India? Then yes, they do and that too the delivery time is quick in comparison to the other sites. Also when it comes to the quality, I cannot say that you are getting the best of it but with prices like these, I guess we can manage it. 😉

sammy dress green 3
sammy dress green 3
sammy dress green 3
sammy dress green 3
sammy dress green 3
sammydress green
sammy dress green 3

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