Blue Maxi dress ft. Femella

Let’s re live. Re live those moments when you felt free and invisible, no matter what you do, you think or what you wear, matters to anyone. Where you can live in your cocoon without the feeling of getting exposed in front of anyone. Now a days each special moment of our life is being publicised on social media and it is not that anyone else is a culprit but it’s just you, yourself doing the needful and cursing the situation later.

femella blue maxi 2
Why does it happen, that we individuals even when we know that a particular thing we do is not right like a little lie, or editing a part of the truth, why do we still intend to do it? The truth is not something that will change the world around you and you will be in hell but even then sometimes your deeds take you to a completely different path by just a small push towards not speaking the entire truth.
There are times when you feel lost because of so many reasons and treasons around you but you literally cannot do anything but wait for the time to be good enough.

femella blue maxi 2
femella blue maxi 2

Well, it’s said good food amplifies your mood, I say a good dress accompanied with good food can amplify any god damn thing in this world. This blue maxi dress from Femella is one of those outfits that you can wear to your night parties or evening lunch. It all depends on how you carry it. If you plan to wear it during day, pair it with pop colours, go with a good hair do with scarves and a matching hand bag whereas if it’s for night, you can keep this look with maxi dress all dark but don’t forget to add a touch of gold in your hand. 😉

But, did you check my last post with Femella yet? If not you can view my post on how to style tie knot tops. J

femella blue maxi 2
femella blue dress 3
femella blue maxi 2
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