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Change is Beautiful, is it not?

We all live happily in our lives but there comes a moment when something questions our mindset. A change that our mind is not yet equipped to accept. But dear, change is beautiful. If anything is constant in our lives then it is change.

We all agree to this concept within our mind but when the time comes to be at par with a change, most of us are not able to cross this hurdle. The big reason being, the mind notions that we carry within ourselves. The notions that stop us from accepting the change. Gender prejudice is one big issue that should be dealt with an open heart and mind. It is not about favouring women over men but the aim is to favour both the genders equally.

Being a literature student, I have been reading much about a patriarchal society – about how in old days women were treated subordinate to a men, how women were not allowed to follow her heart like a men. It is not that these issues are not yet dealt with but still there are times when a women is treated as someone who cannot compete with men in various sectors.

For instance, a working women is supposed to work her arse of in day and prepare food when she arrives home. But what if we take this responsibility away from them and give it to men? Do you think that a man can do the same unless he is living alone? To be honest, a woman doesn’t ask for this, all what she asks for is equality. She is looking for a place where she can share her responsibilities with her male counterpart.

I am here to introduce you to a new digital ad by BIBA where they have taken a bold step to show how wide spread is gender prejudices in our culture when it comes to arranged marriages. BIBA-the leading ethnic apparel brand has always been a pioneer in setting trends in ethnic wear and now the brand can be seen addressing a social cause by a digital campaign that you can view below. Cannot agree more to Mr. Siddharth Bindra, MD, BIBA who says, “This digital campaign is a personification of our deep rooted brand foundations which makes BIBA the face of today’s modern woman. Change is the only constant thing and it is indeed beautiful when it aims at the betterment of an individual or even society at large. This campaign is all about embracing and celebrating that change.”


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