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Behind the wall, behind the garland, behind that formal smile hid a girl in her early 20’s. She was younger than her age and was not aware of the aristocracies of the marriage. Till now everyone told her that it is a happy union but when she saw thousands of people in front of her, looking cheerfully towards her perhaps with a thought that when can they get a chance to have a word with her or know more about her as, as per them, now she is a public property. Such is this communion of marriage. The one who until now did not even wake up in morning to blend her own milkshake was now responsible to prepare food for everyone. That single day, changed so much.

Post with Stalk buy love.

stalk buy love
stalk buy love
Time flew but,
She still longed for the warm cocoon of her surroundings, her personal room that she did not
share with anyone, now even though she loved him but she felt that her private space was tramped.
As she cannot dance her heart out in the middle of the night or
go to the kitchen just so she wanted to and not because she had to.
But I believe, when time comes and you grow old you get attached more with
your home than to your parent’s house.
Times change and I guess, it’s best to transform yourself with the time as even a small insect changes it’s way of living when it enters into a different environment and we are capable of doing much more.

stalk buy lovestalk buy love
stalk buy love
stalk buy love

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