Bed Head Urban Anti+Dotes Recovery Level 2 review

Happy New Year you all! Let’s start our New Year with a kick start and what’s best to start with a new hair regime or probably new hair formula or a new shampoo or conditioner that will look after all your hair problems.

We recently received Bed Head Urban anti+dotes Recovery Level 2 shampoo and conditioner, well I am not much of a shampoo changer but Bed Head has always been my favourite brand and we were too excited to use this duo and YES, it did succeed in recovering our dull and damaged hair.
I get lot of compliments from you all regarding my hair colour and texture, well to be honest, I can’t even remember when did the last time I got a hair spa or any hair treatment done. My hair colour is an year old and I haven’t gone for a touch up yet but what keep me going is a good shampoo paired up with conditioner and I do oil my hair half an hour prior to the wash, if you are wondering which oil do I use? You can click here to know about it. J

Bed Head Urban anti+dotes Recovery Level 2 shampoo is what you need to take your dull hair to a brighter side, also my hair has been less frizzy than what was it before perhaps because it’s no longer dry. The shampoo gives intense moisture to your dead locks making them alive again. It is also very much recommended for all of us who love to colour their hair as it helps the colour to stay.  Some of the important key features:

  1. It prevents split ends.
  2. It is created with 25% more moisture boosting ingredients.
  3. It hydrates dried out strands.

Also, application of Bed Head Urban anti+dotes Recovery Level 2  conditioner is a must after the shampoo. It is something you will get addicted to when you start using it. As when you are in love with stressed-out tresses you can no longer go back to tangled hair, can you? It adds shine and softness to your locks and all you wish after that is to swirl and style your hair. <3

bed-head by TIGI


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