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When you feel that first wave on your feet something touches your from within. A feeling that what took you so long to come on a vacation and moreover there comes a feeling of pure bliss.

I have always wanted to wear my hottest swimsuit beneath by dress or shorts but majorly the beaches in Goa are not like that. If you take off your clothes just to head to the beach especially in Goa, all you would get are lewd comments and unfriendly stares, so well why do you want to delve into such unhealthy environment? Rather wear those hot shorts or slit dresses that can be knee length or even midi if it’s loose.

Do you think so we can change the way people look at us if we wear clothes as per our liking? Fighting really won’t help. Best is choosing the beach right and head there rather than creating a mess of the situation.

This dress from Vasl, an online shopping store is one of those outfits that is good in quality and can be worn on various occasions like Lunch with friends, when you are travelling or anytime you want just lay back and chill.

When you travel, everything you experience becomes a part of you and that’s the best thing, isn’t it?

Travel you may to a far Island, amongst lush green bush, you will see me standing. The more you come near, the idea of you holding me gets fade, as with every step you take, I move away further thousand steps. Even if I may know you but the idea of belonging to someone doesn’t suits me well, until and unless you are him, for whom I have travelled to a far Island.

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vasl 1 copy
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Goa Travel Blog
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