Beach vibes ft. Love Generation

love generation 2

When I was staring at the beach, I wondered what am I doing in life? Am I on the right track? Am I doing it correctly? Well, there was no answer from within but just a soft silence lurking all over. The waves touched my foot leaving seaweed clinging to my feet and all I could manage was to smile and count my blessings.

It’s not easy to be on the track to your ultimate set goal but when you find peace within, a lot many things get easier. Well finding peace, itself is a big statement but that doesn’t stop us to try harder. Just think, your hard work towards your set goal and your inner peace going together side by side? Is that even possible? I wonder but for me my hard work sets my mind to rest.

Well you may think this is what the modern generation is all about. Everyone wants to be independent and work their ass off but still they look for a companion called Peace.

This loose red dress from Love Generation is one of those dresses that you can wear for your lunch or breakfast but I have termed this dress from Love Generation as my vacation dress. I loved the easy breezy fabric, though the dress I am wearing is in Size Small but still it’s too loose, so if you are going for this one go for a smaller size than usual. You can pair it with gladiators or tie knots sandals and when it comes to bags, go for a backpack for an easy and cool look.

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love gen red dress 2
love generation red dress 13
love generation red dress 13
love generation red dress 13
love generation red dress 13
love generation red dress 13


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