An ode to unrequited Passion ft. Vedika M

She stared the stars in the sky and thought what if she could keep a part of a star with herself? How would it matter to someone if just a part of that glistening star she could behold. After all she would nurture it, love it and cherish it forever. She wandered places to places to gain more knowledge about that particular star that awes trucked her whenever she looked onto it. Time passed and she longed for it more each day but one certain day she found out that she was not the only one who yearned it.

How could have she known that the star, which looked so alluring from far, could have belonged to someone else. There was no name written on it nor any ring that certified the claim. It looked like her dream but now there was a contender on the same field, bating her wings to claim the throne.

vedika m
vedika m
vedika m
One certain day, time came and she saw him in front of her. Looking all godly with those golden brown eyes. He was searching for something or someone, perhaps looking for a part of him. She consciously came in front of him, perhaps he will recognise her, but to her dismay he walked just across her without even a second glance.

vedika m
But as we all like to end our story with a happy ending, wait for a part 2. 🙂

This maxi gown is from Vedika Merh. She is a designer based our of Kolkata who deals in a Pret line that mainly focuses on block prints and hand painted textures. You can visit her Vedika M, Facebook Page by clicking here. You can easily carry her designs to your day functions or events where you are looking for something that suits this summer weather and is also out of the box. The best thing about this gown is the fit it gives, also the fabric is quite different from other readily available gowns. This one made from a jeans like stretchable fabric.

vedika m
vedika m
Location Courtesy : 52 Janpath, CP

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vedika m


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