Event : Amazon India Fashion Week

We all have heard about the buzz that goes in and around Fashion Week. People who are related to this field start gearing up for it prior two months. Stylists, bloggers and important media people gets all frenzied upon their looks. As if they will be performing live in front of the audience. In fact why would they not be, after all the magazines and other style spotter platforms trigger that feeling among the fashion-oriented people. Once you get spotted by some of them, you think it’s a great achievement but at the end it’s nothing more than a post on their or your social media platform. Half of the other times, the pictures clicked by some magazine person don’t even get published. It’s all about the rat race that who get’s the front seat. People who are known and quite established do not have to struggle for the invites. That’s obvious. But other’s who are still trotting at the starting point have to knock every PR person’s door to get a pass for the show. However does it sounds, it’s the only truth.
Though don’t know much upon the life of these models. Will invest my little bit of time next year on that other than taking selfies. But to be honest they all look so glamorous. It’s stunning that how with every show they can look so different and astonishing.

To be honest, I was not having a media invite for the Amazon India Fashion Week. Though I tried to get my hands on one but could not. But thankfully there were some PR friends with whom I have worked previously send me few passes. If you think it’s all a baby walk to attend a Fashion Week, you got to be kidding me. First of all, you have to travel for two hours to reach there. As this time it was in Okhla and I live in North Delhi. Secondly, once you enter, you have to decide that is it too late to enter for the ongoing show or is it just fine. If you are their alone, you are the odd one out. So firstly you need to find a good company. Then you move inside the hall and sometimes wonder who is this designer. The question is does the PR wants me to cover his/her collection ? Like seriously, I would not even wear it for free. But then, you have to be nice. As you have to survive. So if you do not have your own personal photographer, you will end up watching the show on your phone screen. Then you have to meet each and every person you have a word before if they bump even into your neighbour. Believe me even if they are not looking at you, they are looking at you if you cross them.

Anyways the important thing is that I wanted to share my three looks from the fashion week and yes, I also got featured in the style crush Day 3 of Amazon Fashion. Did not want it to be just a post on social media. So will share it here as well.
1st look :

day 1

2nd look :
Also got featured, as I told you above. Link – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Au_IxjSbJs4&feature=share


3rd look :
day 2


Lastly and importantly too, here are some pictures from the shows I loved.

1. Péro by Aneeth Arora


2. Anupama Dayal


3. Anavila



Wait for my next post, I am going to shoot it in Goa.
Until then,
Stay with me.


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