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If you have always been looking to go to Disney land but just couldn’t find the right time for it but your heart still seeks for it then here is where you must plan your next visit to. Though, the best time to visit Adlabs Imagica is around winters when there is no heat wave kissing you but a soft breeze gushing your hair. We got a chance to experience the whole excitement part in two days while we were staying at Novotel Imagica. The kind people at Novotel Imagica, Khapoli arranged for our passes for Adlabs and Snow Imagica, though due to our shortage of time we had to miss Aqua Imagica that I am sure would be totally worth it.

If you are visiting Adlabs and want to experience all three zones, then it’s a must that you plan your stay at Novotel Imagica as not only it offers comfort of living but also the chefs out there have magic in their hands, stay tuned for our next blog on all about our stay at Novotel Imagica, Khapoli.

novotel imagica 13
adlabs imagica 13

Well, if you think that Adlabs Imagica is all what Novotel has got, then to clear all your doubts, Novotel Imagica also have their own in house entertainment zone. One of the major attraction being that every morning at sharp 10 am there is a Disney parade in their main lobby and dining area (To view the pictures of that parade, you would have to wait for our next blog). Also they have a gaming section where you can play table tennis, paint ball, archery, Zumba, Rifle shooting and similar.

Now to start with our super awesome getaway to Adlabs Imagica, well the first thought that strikes your mind is, is it a copy of something international? But the second thought that strikes your heart is, let’s leave your adulthood behind all together and be a child all day, every day at Adlabs Imagica. It is place that brings out pure joy in you. With rides that can give you chill, adrenaline rush, a happy feeling and what not?

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As we had a little less time in our planned day, we started with the best of the rides, and how come my favourite one cannot be Nitro? A roller coaster that send chills all over your body, it’s a must-must try. Other than the must try ones are: Deep Space, Gold Rush Express and Scream Machine.

If you have kids along, then you must go for these ones: Mr. India, I for India, Salimgarh, Rajasaurus and well, even you would enjoy it and would not have to be just a spectator. 😛

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adlabs imagica 3snowimagica 2

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adlabs imagica 13
adlabs imagica 13
adlabs imagica 13
adlabs imagica 13
adlabs imagica 13
adlabs imagica 13
adlabs imagica 13Stay tuned,
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