A Youthful Dream


What did you dream about last night?
Was it about sun peeping through the tree shades or about ducks frolicking in the pond? Did you not dream of playing with colorful balloons like you used to do when you were a child? Or did you not want to laze around a bark of tree? But what if you were given a chance to play with flowers? What if all your lazy dreams did come true? Will you look forward to it and take a lapse of time from your daily schedule or keep your eyes shut towards your monotonous routine?

This blog is all about dreamy escapes from our daily routine.

Péro which means ‘to wear’ is about timeless pieces for a woman, who appreciates a kind of tranquility in her life. She is fearless but soft, she is the one who believes in looking at life from a different perspective and the one who finds pleasure in leisure. Péro by Aneeth Arora believes in being in the wardrobe of a woman who appreciates and can relate to the kind of sensibilities that her clothes reflect. Péro can be associated with all the leisure activities one dwells into from gardening to cycling.

For the blog, I styled the two looks from the designer, paired it with the accessories from Bangdar Sarali by Ikroop and Pooja. The delicate, sophisticated persona of the accessories completely matches up to the aesthetic nature of being in leisure. Here are some pictures from the look. These outfits look best when carried with simplicity and minimal accessories.

PS: It’s a Part 3 of Natural Fabrics. Here are Part 2 and Part 1 of the same.




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