A summer day ft. Femella

When you think of summer, first thing that comes in your mind are poppy and bright colours though only if you let go of that sweat and humidity but if you get a good click in your bright outfit it just simply makes your day.

This bright yellow dress from Femella is one of those outfits that I can wear on all those occasions when I have to be carefree. An outfit that can suit all your lunch plans and your evening get togethers. As who would not turn around to spot a happy go lucky girl in her bright outfit cheering all her friends. 😛 Though, I am not that happy go lucky in real but yes, you can imagine that moment and feel good about it. 🙂

To complete this look, I have paired up my outfit with Tresmode shoes. These shoes once worn can set higher goals in your mind when it comes to comfort and class. The best thing is you can pair them with end number of outfits and still rock the complete look. Also as in summers, with all that heat and dust you really don’t want to spoil your golden locks and what do you do then? Well, for me this hat from Accessorize India came to rescue.

What is it that looks like an illusion from far? Is it a mirage or just your mind playing games with you? As whenever you go near, it disappears. Is it a feeling of desire that has not being reciprocated by your loved one? or is it your life goal that universe thinks you are still not ready to achieve? We travel a lot sometimes on roads but most of the times in our minds. We want to achieve a lot sometimes by putting someone down but most of the times being ahead of everyone. Let’s not stop as by doing that you are not even considered to be alive. Let’s thrive to be better and love in a better way.

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femella yellow dress 3
femella yellow dress 3
femella yellow dress 3
femella yellow dress 1
femella yellow dress 3
femella yellow dress 3Stay tuned,
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