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We live for the day when we can be at peace with our surroundings. A day that can make us overlook all our fears, worries and responsibilities. A day cold enough to hug the sunny side. Those times when the first few drops of summer rain on the eyelids can make us look high above in a wish to conquer everything that is not even in our reach. A time when you feel it’s just you and the rain is your happy name. Well, some days are just better than other days. Is it not?

fashion photography

femella fashions, femella

femella fashions

In this post, I am featuring two of the brands where the quality of their products compliments the integrity of the design they ought to offer. The top I am wearing is from Femella Fashion and I have also posted about Femella in my earlier posts but if you are looking to buy the similar top that is quite feasible too, you can head to their website. This blush pink top can also look pretty with denim shorts or white pants.

But if you are wondering from where are these pretty baubles from then I hope you checked my last post featuring Rhea Jewellery, where I styled these baubles as a hair accessory. In this post I am wearing them as earrings and for me these statement baubles will look best when worn sans any other accessory. Other than that I am also wearing the elegant glass neckpiece that can look good with end number of outfits. Wear it with your usual white shirt with a top button open or with your off shoulders or like I did to compliment the beauty of it.

glass stud earrings
rhea jewellery

rhea jewellery

fashion photography

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