10 things a not so morning person can relate to

  • What is the time yet?
    If it is 5 minutes before your planned time then sorry dude, I am not going to wake up and let go of my precious 5 minutes.
  • Recalling the last time you took an off to your work
    It is like remembering the dates of some history chapter. The number of holidays you took in this month is directly proportional to your low attendance/salary loss.4fea1f6498592
  • Thinking about what will be your day wear
    Thinking about your clothes for the day will earn you 10 more minutes of sleep on your cozy bed.demotivation.us_Before-falling-asleep-every-woman-is-thinking-of-1.-Him-2.-What-she-should-wear-tomorrow
  • Justifying your mood
    Giving yourself some hay way advises of what to do when you will stay at home.i hate morning
  • Being a cry baby
    Thinking about what will your friends be doing at work without you makes your ass jump from the bed because you have already experienced the regret before.Alg-crying-baby-jpg
  • Yes! You are a nerd if
    You pray that if you will take an off then please god don’t let my teachers introduce a new topic in the class but it does not matter if my friends have endless fun. (After all who cares)please20god_xlarge
  • I love food
    If you know that being at home will bring you the delight of hot sumptuous food contrary to that usual tea at work makes you clench to the bed more.

    i love food

    i love food

  • A bad day
    When you know that you are going to meet that bad/angry face at your work gives you all together more reason to stay on bed.
    morning sick
  • Faking sickness
    Waking up early morning and claiming that maybe your stomach is paining or you are having fever so that it can grant you a leave.670px-Successfully-Fake-Being-Sick-Step-5
  • Hangover nights
    Justifying the sleepless nights due to your unending parties and finally giving it up by not waking up early next morning.


By Aanchal Goel


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